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Seminar Report: How to analyze and use Google Analytics to the maximum effect

I made a 2-hour presentation showing how to use Google Analytics not just for monitoring but using it to make findings and how to use the results to think of ideas to improve your website.

Roughly 200 people attended the seminar. Due to the popularity a re-run will be done on October.

Seminar Page (in Japanese)



The seminar was divided to into 4 sections.


Part 1 Using “Trend” “Benchmark” and “Segmentation” to analyze data


Using these three methods is the best way for analyzing data in Google Analytics. A couple of 5 minutes work were done to discover findings using this method.


For example the below is the session data for a certain site. The time range is about 3-years. The 2 graphs are identical in website, data and time range. The only difference is the upper graph is shown in “months” and the lower graph is shown in “weeks”. What findings can be made from these graphs?



Part 2 Methods used for thinking of “ideas” to improve your website from data

6 examples were used to show how analytics results can be used to thinks of ideas. The important point here is to compare contents, mechanisms using data. “What are the similarities of the 5 landing pages with low bounce rate”  and how is it different from “the 5 landing pages with high bounce rate”. Using data for comparison is very important. It is much more easier then obtaining findings without data.


Part 3 Advanced user of Google Analytics for further findings

I did a demo and explained the following features of Google Analytics.

Using sequences in Segments

Using events to measure clicks and scrolls

Using custom dimensions to obtain status of users




Part 4 Reporting and report automation

The final part explained how to create reports and the pit fulls that need to be taken care of. I also explained how to automate reports using Analytics Edge and the Google Analytics plugin for Google Spreadsheets.


3 key takeaways

The 3 key takeaways of this seminar were as follows

  1. Analytics and reporting does not earn money. Taking actions is the most important thing.
  2. Google Analytics is a Hypothesis testing tool. There is no need to understand and look at all the reports. Start from hypothesis and then think of how that can be checked in Google Analytics -do not start with reports
  3. Using data increases the probability of success. Finding gems lead to success.