I have written a couple of web analytics books in my career as a web analyst. Here are the books and details of each books.

Introduction to Web Analytics (2010 revised in 2013 “Nyu-mon web bunseki-ron”)


Beginners guide to learning web analytics. 360 pages of details explaining Goal setting /KPI / Google Analytics / Analyzing and improving websites. Chinese version published.


Guide to Web Analytics Reporting (2012 “Web bunseki repo-ting kouza”)



This book focuses on how to plan, create web analytics reports which are actionable. Also includes tips on how to create graphs.


Understanding web analytics with manga (2012 “Manga de wakaru web bunseki”)


Half article – half manga analytics books for beginners. Manga part is based on a pet shop website. where a new web analyst tries her best to increase sales of the website using various analysis and methods.


Improving and analyzing your website. Written by a professional analyst   (2014 “Genbano Pro ga kaita web site bunseki to kaizen no kyoukasho”)


Full color analytics book. Chapters are broken into types of marketing actions such as SEO, Landing Page, Social Media, Contents, Smartphone apps etc. How each marketing actions should be used and how to analyze & improve them is explained in detail.

7 lessons for improving your website sales using Google Analytics  (2015 “Google Analytics Jissen kouza”)


Co-author of Google Analytics book. Includes basic guide of using Google Analytics and how to use the data to find gems for improving your website.

Your access data is tracked and recorded by someone  (2016 “Anata no akusesu ha itumo darekani mirareteiru”)


Book focused on how web access data is collected and used by companies such as Google, Yahoo and Amazon. Goes through the benefits and risks of recommendation, re-targeting, DMP’s, offline data tracking and social apps. Also the book writes about what a “web analyst” does.


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